Home Staging




Selling your family home can be a daunting task. There are tons of things to consider such as when you want to sell, the current market conditions or projections (if you’re not selling immediately), finding a qualified agent to represent you and of course how you want to present your home to the world!

As a licensed REALTOR® I have gone to and hosted many open houses. I have seen first hand what helps a home sell quicker and for the highest return on investment.

 Here are a few of my recommendations..

1. Declutter your home! 

 I know you have likely heard this one before, but have you ever really thought of why it’s recommended? Decluttering your home is listed as number one because it’s most times the number one complaint we hear from prospective buyers and is usually free to the seller.

 Imagine you’re a buyer walking into a home trying to envision what it would look like with your personal items but all you can see is clutter. Its extremely hard for most buyers to imagine themselves in a home if its not appealing to them. First impressions are important when selling, if your home is tidy and in good order the buyers will see your home was cared for and well loved.

* Another recommendation is to higher a cleaning service to come after the decluttering occurs to do a deep cleanse of your home. They can dust up high, wash windows, clean hard to reach areas and leave your home smelling and looking its best.

 2. Painting

  I don’t recommend painting every last item in the home. Instead focus on patching any holes in the walls, (remember to sand down the walls to create a smooth and even surface) and touch up the paint to be uniform if you have the same paint color. If not, try your best to color match.

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