Budget Living Room

The dark living room really needed a refresh! Not only were the walls plain, but the room itself was uninviting. My focal point for this update was these beautiful blue accented curtains (I loved them so much, I bought more for the other living space).

 Using long bright curtains add light to the room and also work to extend the height of the room. I found these at a Home Goods, $35 for two panels.

 I choose to go with a soft cream colored shag carpet to add texture and the calm pattern added a nice change of pace from the rest of the room, (I found the carpet at Hobby lobby for about $70, with their continuous sales there is always room to save!). Of course adding some throw pillows is always a fun way to liven up a sitting area. For this room I choose to go with a blue throw pillow that matched the curtains, a cool grey and a burlap pillow with an adorable Winnie the Pooh quote in orange stenciling (sourced at a local vintage store).


 In any room I find it necessary to include elements that speak to you. For me its my family photos of my fur babies and my sweetie.

In addition to precious moments, I absolutely love song, movie and inspirational quotes. As I further develop my blog you will notice more and more quotes popping up. I like to remind myself and those who visit my home of all the wonderful and positive things in life.

Till Next Time,



PS. REALLY need a new camera, please excuse my lack of luster in these photos!

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