Hairpin Legs

I absolutely love old items in a home. Not only do those pieces have a story behind them, but there is just so much character to love. Some of my favorite days are spent wandering around antique stores looking for unique and fun items. I first started my love for antiques the day I set foot in a antique shop. I remember driving by the shop in my hometown of Lawrence, MA multiple times and wondering about the furniture. Of course once I went into the store I was hooked! The detail old antiques posses is unlike any other Ikea find. The fact that the furniture it still arounds from decades ago tells you about the quality built into them. I always say, I prefer quality over quantity any day!

Enough about my flashback already. 🙂 

Crates make everything!

 My next inspirational piece was my beloved crates. I found them at an antique shop after stopping in one day out of the blue, like I do way too often. The best part about antique stores is you can usually haggle the price. If you’re buying more than one of the same item, you can negotiate further. On this particular trip I hit a goldmine and got four crates for  $45.00 and was feeling PREETY good about myself, (typical crates I’ve seen can be upwards of $20.00 each!).

All it took for this super quick DIY was hairpin legs, a screw gun, crates and 1 inch finishing screws.

 Here is the before and after! I eventually added some of my favorite reads and charging station to make it more homey.

The hairpin legs I used can be found on For $80.00 you can get two sets of four legs.

Till Next Time,

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