Practical House Warming Gifts

          Spring market is upon us and that means more house warming parties for all of us! A big thing I have been working on is gifting my friends and family useful items for their homes. The last thing you want to do is  spend time and effort on something that will spend 10+ years in their attic or basement and eventually be donated or worse trashed after never being used at all! To help us all out, I’ve picked my top 3 favorite house warming gifts to give to friends, family and even your new neighbor next door that are goof proof!

1. Soap, Gloves, Sponges – OH MY! Cleaning Supply Gift Basket

 Not only is this gift extremely helpful, it also isn’t a one time use item like a pie (not that there is anything wrong with pie!). Buying a home, whether its your 1st or 5th home is stressful. Trying to remember everything you need on top of packing your two kids belongings plus all the clutter you have accumulated through the years can be really difficult.

 This gift is a home run! You can have a lot of fun picking out cleaning supplies with fun colors or for a personal touch match with the brands the homes owners like the most!

Recommendation: If you’re close to the new homeowner, ask to stop by after they move in so they can use the cleaning supplies before the housewarming. But don’t worry if you can’t, everyone can always use cleaning supplies and since they have a long shelf life (do they expire?), you can rest assure they will be used down the line.

2. Plant

 A plant is an elegant gift to give to anyone, whether its your Aunt Mable or your friend from middle school like Ron Castle-Gaspy. Not only is this gift memorable, its also a statement piece. Plants give life! Literally they clean the air we breathe and they are beautiful. Giving a plant is  a creative way to gift and in most cases not break the bank!

Recommendation: Buy a fun vibrant plant with a lot of color. If its almost winter and you want to give a different style of a gift consider picking up a few bags of sand/salt. Once the snow hits with colder temperatures, the new home owners will thank you. If you’re feeling wild, go ahead and get them both! I can assure you, if they live anywhere that gets below freezing, they will use the sand and will appreciate the plant when they are looking for a glimmer of hope from escaping Jack Frost.

3. Cash is King. 

 I’m sure you have heard this phrase before, but it really has stand the test of time. If you are not sure what to get the new home owners, consider giving them a few dollars to use for decorations, supplies or even some seed fund to restore their likely depleted savings account.

Recommendation: Always gift any item with a thoughtful card, personalize it with some inspirational words from the heart. Purchasing a home is usually the biggest purchases a person will make in their lifetime. Its important to recognize that and congratulate them on their success and hard work! 

Till Next Time,


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