Deep Cleaning the Home

When I was younger I hung around my aunts a lot. They always found something around their homes for me to clean or polish. As I grew older, I find I have a huge appreciation for those moments of my childhood. Ive learned to appreciate all items in my home and most importantly for me, Ive learned to take care of them.

Deep cleaning a home can take time and effort, its much easier of course to continually clean regularly and I always recommend decluttering every few months (I will blog about my method for decluttering a home in my next piece so stay tuned).

  1. First Step: Supplies 

I personally try to use cleaning supplies that are safe for pets, the environment and my family.

One of my favorites is Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning supply line.



The best part is the Meyer’s story. They not only market a cleaner product, they also take huge strides to ensure they are practicing sustainability in the 4 major countries they source from (Asian, South America, Africa and Brazil). In addition their packaging is recyclable and made of 25% post-consumer plastic.

Above all they refuse to use harmful chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia, glycol solvents, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, artificial colorants, phosphates or petroleum distillates. They don’t test on any animals or derive any of their products from animals. Their products are made from a mixture of palm oil, enzymes, natural essential oils, a variety of extracts and so on. For a full list of their ingredients check out their website at .

  1. Second Step: Create a Game Plan


I personally like to work my way from top to bottom and room by room. In the past I found if I didn’t have a game plan, I would end up over whelming myself. A game plan allows for efficiency and motivation. My biggest step in cleaning is writing out room by room the task I am going to complete. This also is helpful if your significant other is helping out. Instead of checking in with you on the next task, he/she can refer to the list. My boyfriend and I like to initial next to the task we completed and whom ever finishes more task at the end generally gets bragging rights.

Tips: I recommend gathering cotton swabs, q-tips, an old tooth brush, a few small and larger rags to use for hard to reach areas and unique places (such as behind the toilet bowl). Remember to add dusting to your list as well!

3. Step Three: Execution 

With the perfect supplies and game plan in hand you’re ready to freshen up your home! If you start to feel overwhelmed refer back to your list and stick to room by room. I find as I am cleaning, I will notice items in the home I don’t use often or at all. I weigh my options and decided wether or not I should keep the item or donate it. If I am donating the item I place it in a box on my front porch and continue to clean so I don’t second guess myself and put it back on the shelf.

While you’re cleaning remember to clean windows, floors (corners of rooms), toilets, around handles, mirrors, vanities, dust ceiling fans and lighting fixtures. I have found the easiest places to miss are sometime the areas we use the most such as railings, stairs or even door knobs.



So take a day off from work or a day from your weekend and work on cleaning your home from top to bottom. Its a lot of hard work but certainly worth it. You will thank me once you’re done and are feeling accomplished !

Till Next Time,







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