Making Old Furniture New Again !

When we moved to our home the previous home owners left us an older  wooden adirondack chair set. I noticed the chairs were worn and not looking their best. We decided to revive them and give them a new look to save money on replacement cost. Here is what we did.

  1. To Start: Remove old cushions, we found reasonably priced cushion replacements at Christmas Tree.
  2. Clean up: Power wash all debris off and let dry in the sun (24 hrs). During this step we ran over to the local hardware store and picked out stain. I recommend picking up a 2 in one stain with sealer.  (Photo below after power washing, sadly I failed to capture a true before picture, it looked really bad!)img_1656.jpg
  3. Staining: This step you can work to stain the furniture  a couple of ways. You can buy a bristle stain paint brush but keep in mind if you are not working on a flat surface this won’t have great coverage and you will find a lot of your stain will be wasted. The brush we ended up using the most for hard to reach areas was a foam brush. We went through multiple foam brushes and found it was best to pull the foam off its stick, wrap around an old t-shirt and don’t forget to wear rubber gloves to stain. We were able to cover the whole chair and not lose out on a lot of stain. You will go through a few of these as we found the foam broke up from use. Another way to stain and probably the most popular is to use an old cloth. We found the cloth worked great on the flat surfaces but was not great getting into those hard to reach areas.
  4. Last Minute Touch Ups: After your stain has dried, you can go back and do some touch ups. Once everything is looking great on the chairs, add your cushions, sit down and enjoy!

Tip: If you don’t pick out a two in one stain and sealer you can use an indoor     stain and a spay on sealer. We used that method for another outdoor set we revamped and it came out perfect!

All done!


 Till Next Time,


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