Christmas Wrapping & things..

With the holidays upon us I like to reflect on the past year. Think about whats important in my life and all of the good things that have come. This year I have really worked on giving back and trying harder to have a positive contribution to society. Its not always easy, and I am by far not perfect at all. However I have made adjustments in my life to improve myself. For instance, I recycle like crazy, and even stepped up my game to purchase only recyclable items (you can locate the recycle symbol on the bottle, typically on the label but may also be imprinted on the plastic). I’ve learned to shop with reusable bags or ask for my items to be put into cardboard boxes.

I know you’re probably wonder, “Okay? … why is this blog labeled Christmas Wrapping?”, well my dear it’s because I am excited to say this year Ive decided to change the way I buy for Christmas and  how I wrap gifts. I think Christmas can become a money pit which leaves us all stressed out.  Instead the Holidays should focus on love and thanking of friends and family for all they do.

My plan this year is simple, make homemade gifts with lots of love and meaning and only buy for those I am unable to make for. For instance, children. I would not in my wildest dreams ever know what to make for a child. As for adults thats a different story, here is how I made my holidays a heck of a lot easier!

For me the holidays have always been about baking with love. My presents to some family members will be bakes goods.


However I do know that holidays are stressful! To combat all the movement, Ive put together Epsom Salt, Dottera essential oils, dried lavender in beautiful antique mason jars for my gal pals. As you know, I am a sucker for anything old with a cool back story. The jars I located this year were from an old home and had been in the cellar for ages. They use to be the families canning jars, but have been long unused.

These jars symbolize many things I love; the jars are old and being repurposed, and they also will provide relaxing baths for my hardworking gal pals!


3rd step:  Wrapping your gifts! I love to reuse old gift bags (in good shape of course). I also started saving newspapers and use it as a fun wrapping paper. Not only will you be reusing wrapping bags and paper but you will be making your gift insanely adorable and unique.

I hope this helps ease some of your holiday shopping, remember to focus on love and giving with it.




Till Next Time,

Rosie, Joey, Baya & Frankie


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