Paris France

France was my very first European country I was lucky enough to visit at the age of 15. Ive since been there two more times and I am already working on my fourth visit! Upon visiting I immediately fell in love with the European architecture, the locals active lifestyles and of course the delicious food at every street corner. It’s hard for me to resist a good cappuccino and croissant. I thought I would share a few of my favorite places to visit in Paris (there are SO many more to explore!).

Some of my favorite sites to visit. 

The Louvre



The Louvre is the worlds largest art museum, and it shows. Expect to spend a full day here wandering around and looking at amazing works of art. The galleries are expansive and range from the 12th and 21st centuries, you can see medieval, renaissance, countless painting, sculptors and a history of the past everyday items.

Outside of the Louvre are gardens where you can have lunch and grab either food inside the Louvre or you can find some cheaper cart food just right outside. *Bring a blanket to have an authentic Parisian picnic.



Looking for a delightful treat ? Look no further, Angelina’s has  just want you need. Established in 1903 and with 3 locations there is so much to love. Every item on the menu looks absolutely drool worthy. I recommend sharing a cup of the rich hot chocolate with a friend! It’s bold, heavy and worth every calorie. To pair with the rich chocolate my second favorite is the vanilla bean pastry, this delight is 1,000% out of this world good! I would also recommend sharing because it is very rich, but if you decide not to a doggy bag is never shameful (in my eyes at least).

Eiffel Tower


This one goes without saying, you haven’t really visited Paris if you haven’t seen this iconic gem. I recommend buying your tickets ahead of time to avoid waiting in long lines. My highest recommendation is to visit the tower at night and immures yourself in french culture.

Find a family run restaurant nearby, order something you normally wouldn’t back home and bask in the glow of the lights the tower emits after dusk. Its romantic radiance will make it all worth it! Seeing the whole city from the top of the tower is an experience you wont forget!

Farmer Market, Bastille Neighborhood 


I found this farmer market captivating and so intriguing. Highly recommend waking up early to catch one of these. The Bastille Farmer market has food from all over the world and also showcases a wide variety of local meats, cheeses, vegetables, flowers, fruits and other delicacies.

River Boat City Tour 


There are a few river boat tours you can find in the city, to me this is a must! It’s a fun way to tour the city without having to walk everywhere! The boats go along the Seine River and make stops along the way to Paris’s top tourist sites. It’s a self guided tour so you can choose what stops you want to make throughout the day.

If you find you only have a day in Paris, buy a banquet, cheese, meat and local pastry. Take a cab to a local park and breathe in the beautiful city. When I visit Paris, I loved waking up with the commuters and walking around the city.

Hope this inspired you to visit one of my favorite cities !

Till Next Time,


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