Home Spring Check List



With Spring here it is important to protect your home and keep up with regular maintenance. Here are the top home items to keep up with every spring that I hear about directly from home experts.

1.Keep bugs at bay.

Use a home defense spray to prevent home invading bugs from getting into your home. This simple maintenance can save you thousands in the long run! I personally use Ortho Home Defense, you simply spray the solution around the foundation and you’re done!

2. Remove debris from gutters.

Cleaning gutters can be a tedious task, consider hiring a company to come out and clean them. If you decide to do so yourself, clean out all debris, including the downspouts. Repair any detached gutters or if any are drooping. A big recommendation from home experts is to face the down spouts away from the house to prevent water from entering your basement through your foundation!

3. Lawn Maintenance. 

Seeding in the Spring is the absolute best time for lawns, the heavy Spring rains can water your soil without you having to manually water. It is also important to have a thick lawn over your leach field and septic to prevent extra moisture from seeping into your system and it also works as a cushion from impact.

4. Check your windows and doors.

Check for broken glass or seals. Call a local glass company to replace any window glass, this can save you a lot of money as opposed to replacing the whole window. Also, check on the seals on your doors to ensure there is no extra air going in and out, this can save you on energy cost in the log run!

5. Clean the furnace and wood stove.

Its immortal to clean out your furnace regularly and if you have supplemental heat from a wood stove or fireplace, its recommended to clean these systems annually as well to prevent build up and for safety reasons.

6. Pump Septic Systems.

If your home is on a septic system, make sure you’re pumping the system annually or semi annually depending on the size of the tank and how many people are living with you! Your local septic company will tell you what they recommend. Pumping on average is between 300-500 dollars but like any other home maintenance it can save you thousands in the long run by keep up with it!

7. Roof Check.

Its recommended particularly in New England with the harsh winters to do an annual roof check. Check for missing or damaged shingles or any signs of displacement in a shingle. Obviously a clear sign of a roof issue is an active leak in your house. Call a professional if you don’t have direct viewing access from your yard and or don’t feel comfortable go on your roof.

8. Inspect your home air conditioning units.

It’s important to change these units filters regularly to prevent dust from entering your home unnecessarily. If your HVAC is not working properly it may be time for a tune-up from a professional, they can also help replace any damage parts. This is important to check in the spring because HVAC workers tend to get overloaded in the warmer months!

9. Home Safety Check.

Replace your homes smoke detector batteries annually. Make sure all window latches and doors are closing properly. Schedule an appointment with your local fire station to have your fire extinguishers checked, (there are expiration dates on extinguishers – set a reminder on your phone to keep up with these dates).

10. Inspect the Basement and Attic. 

Sometimes these spaces can go unnoticed or even neglected for deficiencies. I recommend taking a look at each of these spaces seasonally and making sure there are no signs of mold or water getting into these spaces. Its important your roof has proper ventilation so air is able to flow out of your home. If you notice your home doesn’t have proper ventilation, call a roofing company to install attic ventilation. This also helps to prolong your roofs life!


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