Paris France

France was my very first European country I was lucky enough to visit at the age of 15. Ive since been there two more times and I am already working on my fourth visit! Upon visiting I immediately fell in love with the European architecture, the locals active lifestyles and of course the delicious food … More Paris France

Fremont, NH

❤️👨‍🌾Town feature of the month: Fremont, New Hampshire. Fremont is located off NH Route 107 in Rockingham County with a population estimate around 4,300. It’s probably best known for being apart of the Rockingham Recreational Rail Trail🚴🏻‍♀️🛷*snow mobiles and ATVs encouraged! Local hot spots include, 🍕 Fremont Pizzeria which opened its doors in 1987. They … More Fremont, NH

Focus On The Good!

Life can really get you down. I am sure whomever reading this is not adversed to struggle, disappointment, and over all sadness.  Being in my mid to late 20’s I am surprised to still find people who will try to invalidate your successes. Haven’t we all passed this grad school drama yet ? Guess not. … More Focus On The Good!