Quick Staging Tips!

There is no greater comfort than a well dressed home. Whether you need your home to be more presentable for the marketplace or you’re hosting a family dinner party! The way you dress your home can show your friends and family your fun creative side! My top 3 MUST before entertaining or when I am … More Quick Staging Tips!

Boston Housing Market

Boston being a major metropolitan its no surprise 2019 – 2020 will result in more job opportunities for the workforce. The main concern is housing is not growing nearly as rapidly. According to Curbed Boston, the city increased its jobs to “5.8 jobs per 1,000 residents, meaning that 2.5 were added for every new housing … More Boston Housing Market

Paris France

France was my very first European country I was lucky enough to visit at the age of 15. Ive since been there two more times and I am already working on my fourth visit! Upon visiting I immediately fell in love with the European architecture, the locals active lifestyles and of course the delicious food … More Paris France